Self-care for counsellors with a guided drawing script

Below is a script to do your own guided relaxation with crayons as a way to relax. This script guides you to use drawing and shading to settle the mind.

Start your page of shading with the following instructions:

Begin by placing a blank sheet of A3 paper and some crayons or pastels in front of you. You might like to remove the labels from your crayons, as you will be doing some shading sideways with your crayons.

Take a deep breath and take a look at your crayons and pick your colour for today. Allow the creative expression to begin as you hold the crayon on its side and start shading. There is no right or wrong way to shade the page. You can start from the top or bottom of the page and move around. It does not matter what the shading looks like, just keep your drawing hand moving.

This activity is a good way to settle in after a long day at work or to give yourself some purposeful self- care time. Just allowing yourself to settle in with this colour.

Feel the movement of your arm, hand and fingers holding the crayon and how fast or slow you are moving. Notice how much pressure you are pressing the crayon onto the paper. Also notice your breathing, as your hand moves around the page, being aware of what you are doing.

Be curious about the darker and lighter shades. If there is a word that is associated with the colour or the shaded image, write them down on the paper with the same crayon – It could be a feeling, thought or qualities. If there is more than one feeling, acknowledging it by writing it down.

If you feel like changing colours, pick another crayon and keep shading. Keep moving the crayon around or across the page. You can stand your crayon up or keep it on its side to shade. You might also notice that the colours blend into each other. And if a feeling or thought comes to mind, write them down. There is no wrong or right way to shade the page. Continue with this exercise until your paper is full of shading and words.

To finish off with this activity, you can add one last thing to your page – perhaps more shades, colours or words. Continue to draw, write or shade for as long as you wish. It is in the doing not in the done that matters.

Let me know how you feel afterwards and if you have a question about this activity, please email me at

I also run monthly Drawing for Self-Care sessions :

Venue: Brisbane Quaker House, 10 Hampson St, Kelvin Grove
Date:    Sunday 28 October 2018
Time:    2:00 – 4:00pm
Cost:    $40
RSVP: TryBooking

Paper, crayons, drawing boards will be provided.

Mindfulness and drawing go hand in hand. Come along to this drawing for self-care session, have some fun and let your crayons and paper do some reflective work.

Visit MindfulDoodles for more information.


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