Reminder to members about being registered with PACFA

Reminder to members about being registered with PACFA

As you are already aware, The PACFA training standards were changed in April this year. Full details are available on the PACFA website

There are a number of QCA members who are eligible to be on the PACFA register but have not selected to do this.  PACFA is continuing to advocate for Medicare numbers and therefore the move to join the Allied Health Professionals Australia (AHPA) requires registrants to meet government expectations in regards to training. Providers must have training that is a Bachelor’s Degree or above to be recognised by Bupa to provide counselling services. This was successfully negotiated to be in effect from 1 July 2018. If members wish to benefit from any future developments in this area, they may wish to consider applying to be on the PACFA register.


PACFA has ‘Grandfathering’ arrangements for members of Member Associations (i.e. QCA) with former Training Standards (2014).  Full details can be found on the PACFA website. In brief, these arrangements are as follows-

If your training is recognised by a PACFA MA (i.e. QCA) based on the former PACFA training standards (2014), you have 2 years to apply for PACFA registration from 14/4/18 via grandfathering arrangements.  The final deadline to apply to PACFA via grandfathering for these QCA members is 14/4/20. If you are a student undertaking training recognised by QCA which was based on former training standards (2014), you have 2 years to apply for PACFA registration from the date of your course completion, subject to a final cut-off date of 31/12/2023.

(Please note that QCA has recently adjusted training standards to be in line with PACFA’s new standards.)


A word of caution: If QCA decides to not join PACFA as a branch, there is the possibility that QCA members who do not satisfy the new training standards, will not be able to join PACFA if AHPA insists on a cut-off prior to the grandfathering deadlines.  Of course, there are no guarantees as negotiations are ongoing between PACFA and various government and private health insurance bodies.


What to do if you wish to be on the PACFA Register

If you wish to add PACFA registration to your QCA membership, there is a one-time application fee of $50 for provisional and $138 for clinical.


You will need to go to the PACFA portal and create an account (which is at the bottom of the page).

Once you are logged into the portal you can then click on-

PACFA New Membership Application – Practitioners and Educators


There are two options available for suitably trained and experienced Applicants to join PACFA:

You will need to apply using option 2 –

  1. After joining a PACFA Member Association, apply to list on the PACFA Register.

To apply to PACFA via this route, you must first join a PACFA Member Association. Applicants pay an application fee but do not pay the annual PACFA membership fee as they pay annual fees to a PACFA Member Association


You will be asked

Please specify your preferred application route


I am a member of a PACFA member association and I wish to apply to list on the PACFA Register

You will be asked

If you belong to a PACFA Member Association and you are applying to list on the PACFA Register, please select the main PACFA Member Association to which you belong



Then just continue to complete the rest of the application form.

If you need further assistance with adding PACFA registration to your QCA membership please email the QCA Membership support officer on

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