Keep a copy of your CPD, Client and Supervision Logs

By Paul Neumann and Florence Ee

PACFA have announced that they will be closing the current portal in March 2019 and moving to a new system (iMIS). QCA will no longer have access to this system for member applications and member data that is already stored.

We are working closely with PACFA to ensure that all membership data is transferred to us, however, we are alerting members and requesting that if you have documentation uploaded to the portal that you don’t have copies of then it would be prudent to download this information now to keep in your own records to prevent any potential data loss.

You should also copy your CPD, Clients and Supervision Logs into an excel spreadsheet.

Instructions on how to do this are given below:

1. Log in to your PACFA Portal and select “My Details” from the top menu.

2. Click on your “Logs” folder and you will see the following: CPD Hours Log, Client Hours Tracking and Supervision Log.

3. Click on the “CPD Hours Log” folder, and you will see a list of your CPD hours.

4. Copy the columns by clicking your mouse at the top column header (CPD Activity Date) and drag it to the bottom of the table (right-hand bottom, to the last “x”) – Do not include your totals.

5. Open your Excel document and paste the contents.

6. Save your document, name it “CPD Hour Log.xls” for your CPD hours.

7. Repeat Steps 3 to 6 for your Client Hours Tracking and Supervision Log.

8. You will now have 3 backup logs saved in Excel documents. Your backup logs should look like this.

Email us if you have any enquiries about the portal or backing up your data. 

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