Exciting News for Associate Members

By Paul Neumann, QCA Registrar

Due to recent changes in PACFA training standards, many of our Associate members are now eligible to regrade to QCA Provisional membership and apply for listing on the PACFA register.  QCA is waiving the regrade application fee of $55 and only asking that you pay $37.50 as the pro-rata difference between the Associate and Provisional membership fee for the remainder of the year.

Benefits of upgrading to Provisional membership:

  • Eligibility to list on the PACFA register
  • Annual PACFA renewal included in your QCA membership fee ( if you decide to list on the register)
  • Eligibility to have a say in the governance of your Association by volunteering to sit on the QCA management committee
  • Eligibility for Clinical membership only requires a further 750 client hours and 75 hours of related supervision over a minimum of 2 years since gaining your qualification, so your client and supervision hours while at Associate level will be able to be counted towards this.
  • No regrade application fee if you upgrade now

Just advise us if you want to regrade and then log on to the portal and use form QCA 8.2 – Online Membership Regrade Payment – to pay the $37.50.

PLEASE NOTE: Waiver of the $55 regrade application fee may not be offered after 31.12.18.


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