President’s Report December 2018

Hello everyone,

With the year rapidly ending it is time to give you an update relating to QCA matters.


I would like to extend a sincere thanks to those outgoing members of the committee who contributed a lot of time and energy to enable QCA to be a strong advocate and voice for counsellors in Queensland. On behalf of all members I wish to thank our outgoing President, Anne-Marie Osborne; Treasurer, Nathan Beel; QCA Subcommittee; Paul Bailey, John Nutting, Miriam Pius, Jillian White and Nathalie Bastier on Sunshine Coast. You have left big shoes to fill and thank you for your generous spirit and professional expertise.

I also want to acknowledge the new committee, subcommittee and staff and thank them for putting their hands up to work for QCA.


Management Committee Operations:  

The new management committee held a face to face Saturday meeting in November and a Zoom meeting in December. At these meetings, we have discussed general items with a view to:

  • Revisiting the Strategic plan at our January’s face to face meeting to incorporate actions and an operational plan for 2019. This will be distributed to you in the New Year.
  • Having a PD calendar ready to launch in January with dates and speakers locked in.
  • Offering a range of professional development opportunities both online, a regular Friday night and Saturday workshops.
  • Visiting Higher education Institutions at the start of the year to promote QCA and its work in QLD. Creating a one-page flyer for this purpose. Anthony Smith, our student representative has volunteered to assist with these visits and flyer.

Policy Documents:

The Constitution remains our key working document and the amendments to the QCA Constitution that were passed at the AGM have been registered with the Office of Fair Trading.



Currently, we have 205 members.  8 new members have joined QCA.

Act now. Exciting Opportunity to be automatically upgraded until Dec 31, 2018.

At the recent AGM, QCA members voted to revise the membership criteria to align with new PACFA training standards. The minimum standard for Provisional Membership is now an AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) level 7-9 course in counselling/psychotherapy, i.e. a Bachelor’s degree course or higher which contained 400 hours of instruction of which 200 hours must be face to face with a maximum of 60 hours synchronous online training (e.g. interactive webinars) and a practicum component of at least 40 client hours contact with 10 hours of related supervision.

A review of QCA records indicates that our Associate members meet this new standard, so we would, therefore, like to upgrade their membership to Provisional level.  Upgrading to Provisional membership will incur a small fee (QCA pro-rata rate) to make up the difference between Associate and Provisional annual membership, which if processed now will only be $37.50.

There are many advantages of upgrading to Provisional membership:

  • Eligibility to list on the PACFA register. (This would incur a one-off application fee of $138 paid directly to PACFA).
  • Annual QCA membership fee includes free PACFA annual registrant renewal
  • Eligibility to have a say in the governance of your Association by volunteering to sit on the QCA management committee
  • Eligibility to upgrade to Clinical membership only requires a further 750 client hours and 75 hours of related supervision over a minimum of 2 years since gaining your qualification, so your client and supervision hours while at Associate level will be able to be counted towards this.

We would welcome your promotion to Provisional level, so please let us know if you would like to upgrade your level of membership. This can occur automatically until 31 Dec.


Professional Development:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Karen Belbin who has worked so hard to maintain the PD subcommittee and ensure the Friday night PD has occurred. Thanks also to Dr Clair Brown who is also assisting on the PD Sub Committee and sourcing speakers for us. We met last week to confirm the speakers for our 2019 calendar. Thanks also to Laurie who surveyed everyone and came up with the types of PD that you are most interested in and finally thanks to you fabulous you for volunteering to assist with PD events. Your response was wonderful, so we will be contacting you very soon. If some of you would like to be on the sub-committee that would also be greatly appreciated.



Last week I had a meeting with the CEO of PACFA, Maria Brett who was up here for meetings. We had a very positive discussion and PACFA is keen to assist us where possible and Maria has volunteered to speak at one of our PD evenings on “The future of the Counselling Profession in Australia”. PACFA has also been encouraging their members in Qld to attend our PD sessions.

Whilst I am fully aware that we voted at the AGM to remain as we are we discussed how other membership associations have transitioned across and a couple of points stood out:

  1. A leadership team continues to run in the State to organise PD events and localised activity.
  2. Any funds held by the current organisation are used as that organisation determines.
  3. PACFA can run events in each State also if needed.

PACFA now has over 2000 members and one of the greatest benefits is that lobbying power is so much greater when Minister’s realise that it has a powerful number of people.

Paul Neumann has volunteered to be on a small PACFA 3 x 1hour Zoom group to discuss the impact of changes to the per capita fee structure. We are also working with PACFA to see how we can retrieve data from the database that we are currently on that will no longer hold QCA specific data.


Maree Armansin
QCA President

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