President’s Report

President’s Report August 2018
Prepared by Anna-Maree Osborne

I welcome all new members to QCA and sincerely hope that all our members point out to students and friends that QCA is a friendly professional association which is, in fact, less expensive to join than PACFA directly (and offers PACFA membership through QCA). Thus two organisations for the price of one in fact.

The recent PACFA decision to adopt new training standards in response to lobbying efforts where AQF 7 (Bachelor’s degree) or higher is being embraced by Governments and AHPRA for recognition of member associations presents a challenge for QCA.  QCA have a wide variety of members both those in possession of degrees and those who are not. PACFA have adopted grandfathering provisions for their members who do not possess degrees, however, this is time limited to approximately five years. Future challenges, therefore, relate to how our membership would like to proceed and what type of membership base going forward we wish to embrace. Any suggestions from members would be welcome.

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