President’s Report

President’s Report June 2018
Prepared by Anna-Maree Osborne, President

We have just past the winter solstice and your Management Committee are preparing for the second half of the year. Our committee has been reduced in size due to the resignation of Debbie O’Keefe and Miriam Pius for personal reasons, and we thank them for their valuable contribution. This, however, highlights the need for volunteers for the committee into the future and I urge anyone able to become involved to express their interest to me or through Ros. In my absence (overseas) Nathan Beel, our Treasurer, met with PACFA in Brisbane to discuss their strategies and recent lobbying achievements.

The recent PACFA decision to adopt new training standards is partly in response to lobbying efforts where AQF 7 (Bachelor’s degree) or higher is being embraced by governments and AHPRA for recognition of member associations. Counselling associations such as QCA have a wide variety of members both those in possession of degrees and those who are not. PACFA have adopted grandfathering provisions for their members who do not possess degrees, however, this is time limited to approximately five years. Challenges, therefore, relate to how our membership would like to proceed and what type of membership base going forward we wish to embrace. Please email QCA if you have opinions about the future direction of QCA membership and they will be warmly welcomed by your Management Committee.

We have conducted several successful PD events over the last few months and thank Paul Bailey who retired as Chair of the PD Sub-Committee for his work and efforts together with the other members of the PD Sub-Committee. Nathan Beel has agreed to act as the interim Chair of the Committee. Previous and future events can be viewed here: QCA Events.

Our website has been continually improved over the last eight months or so which you may have noticed, and if you have any blogs or articles please send them to the QCA for inclusion on our website to make it more vibrant and informative. Members who are Associate, Provisional and Clinical levels can update their profile online now via the QCA website:

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