President’s message on the upcoming AGM

Dear Member

At our upcoming AGM we will vote on an important decision; does:

  • QCA continue as it currently is, being an independent Association (QCA) and a Member Association of PACFA.


  • QCA merge to become a branch of PACFA, thus ceasing to be an independent Association.


The QCA Management Committee have prepared pro’s and con’s papers to assist QCA members so they are well informed of any and all choices.  Attached are two documents the “CONS DISADVANTAGES of PACFA Branch” and the “PROS ADVANTAGES of PACFA Branch”

52% of QCA Members completed the recent 2018 questionnaire.  47% of members said they would like QCA to stay as is.  26% of members said they would like QCA to become a branch of PACFA.  Thank you to those who participated.  QCA will now proceed to a formal vote on this important motion at the upcoming AGM.

The result of the vote on this motions will permanently affect QCA’s future, this is NOT a survey.

For those Members who will not be at the AGM please VOTE NOW using one of the options listed below.   Eligible voting member are Fellow / Clinical / Provisional.

  • vote ONLINE by clicking vote here: OR
  • vote by completing the attached Proxy Form and MAILING to QCA at PO Box 3319
    Bracken Ridge QLD 4017



For those Members who will be attending the AGM, DO NOT VOTE using the methods above, you can vote in person on the day.

The Queensland Counsellors Association (QCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on:

Saturday 20 October 2018

Venue: Relationships Australia, 159 St Pauls Terrace, Spring Hill.


 Please note that at this stage QCA has no requirements to change the way it is operating.  Only if the outcome of the vote shows the majority of members want to change will it be undertaken.

I would urge all members to voice their opinion.

Anna-Maree Osborne

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