The President’s Farewell Message

15 June, 2020

I am writing this last message with both a sad heart and a comfortable positivity about the future. One year ago (May 2019) I wrote to you all about the current state, the need for a transition plan if we voted to move over to become PACFA QLD. The day has arrived and on June 30, 2020, Queensland Counsellors Association (QCA) will officially become PACFA QLD and QCA which is 47 years old will move into the process of closing its association and undertake all the governance necessary to do so.

COVID -19 has ensured that QCA proved our ability to deal with ambiguity and this has ensured that we have effectively coped with the change, shifted gears comfortably to offer online PD to all members, acted without knowing the full picture and comfortably handled risk and uncertainty.  Our fabulous finale has been put on hold until November 7 at the Sofitel in Brisbane and they have negotiated with us all the way to ensure that we can still hold an event with social distancing if required. In terms of change, we have not yet had our “ending” celebration, but we will have an online meeting on Friday night, June 26, from 6 – 7 pm to toast QCA and all its members.

QCA Virtual Meeting – No need to RSVP, click on Zoom link to join on Friday 26 June at 6 pm

The QCA Online PD has been a huge success and in our recent webinar,  we had 67 members attend a session. COVID -19 has taught us a successful way to run PD in the future and connect with all our members no matter which region of QLD they reside. This has been a struggle in the past but comfort with technology and assistance from Florence Ee our IT support person and our fabulous PD committee, Laurie Kay, Brett Jones and Hannah Ramirez has brought online PD to all.  It has also been a learning for some presenters who have never delivered online and have been sensational in their delivery.

You will have received an email from PACFA asking you to prepare to renew your membership. This means logging into the new PACFA portal and adding in your professional development and supervision requirements prior to payment. It is a new process for some and if you need assistance the PACFA team in Melbourne are there to assist. Ros Turner is still on board to answer any issues as we cannot officially lock down our association until we close and have an audit of all the books which will be after the closing ceremony in November.

After my 35 years of involvement with QCA and several terms on the committee there are so many people to thank who have participated, driven change, developed the constitution, written strategic plans, given up time to be on ethics committees, marketing and membership committees, finance committees, student issues, designed and edited the original Contact newsletter and developed technology platforms for the current online news, found speakers for PD sessions and facilitated PD events, sent out and analysed membership surveys and undertook all the administrative functions required of an association. You all know what part you played so a huge thank you to every one of you who gave generously of your time and to every member who participated and created the QCA that is today.

PACFA Queensland Leadership Team has been initiated and I have been asked to lead the team in its first phase along with Brett Jones, Florence Ee, Glaucia Barbosa and Roger Valentine. The information from our QCA website will eventually transition across to our own QLD page on the PACFA portal and Florence is looking into setting up a Facebook page for PACFA QLD members. It is hoped that with a possible 400 strong Qld membership we will have a highly active PACFA QLD branch.

Thank you to you all and I look forward to your continuing involvement and commitment to our Queensland Counselling and Psychotherapy community.

Maree Armansin

Queensland Counsellors Association
2018 – 2020


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