Important changes to QCA

Dear QCA Members,

In 2017 we voted not to become a Branch of PACFA and will again vote on this decision at the next AGM.  However, in order for QCA to continue to operate as an independent organisation we require a Management Committee of 6 to 8 individuals. 

We are calling for members who would like to participate in Management Committee activities and nominate at the upcoming AGM in late October 2018.

Serving on the Committee provides an excellent opportunity to

  • contribute to the profession and develop your own expertise
  • raise discussions around the direction of important issues for members such as membership fees, professional development activities, and inspiring students to become new members.

It provides valuable experience on a passionate management team committed to providing support to Qld Counsellors. In addition, it provides opportunities to represent QCA at PACFA meetings, attend Training Institutions, and can be incorporated into your CV, indicating your commitment to the Profession.

We would also encourage Regional QCA members to volunteer, the Management Committee participate in meetings primarily via the conference platform Zoom, it is very easy to use and accessible from anywhere.  Meetings are a minimum of 3 per year but (usually bi-monthly) so that we can continue enabling QCA’s functioning and successful advancement into the future.

I have served as President, Vice- President and as a committee member, and have found my knowledge and insight into the profession has grown through connections with other members and associations. Serving on the committee has not been overly time consuming and I would highly recommend the experience.

The current Management Committee has successfully continued the day to day operational activities of QCA with the aid of very competent paid staff members, together with implementing initiatives in the QCA Strategic Plan.

We now need people who are enthusiastic about carrying on these tasks for the Committee in roles including President, Vice-President, Secretary, and MC members. It does not matter if you have experience or if you have never served on the Management Committee previously as long as you are an eligible QCA member (Clinical or Provisional or Fellow).

If you have any question, suggestions or could assist in any way please reply to me on this email or send an email to



Anna-Maree Osborne

President, QCA

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