What QCA members need to know about the PACFA transition

Hi everybody,

You are most probably wondering what will happen to your membership after the PACFA transition (July 1, 2020).  You don’t have to do anything as all the QCA members’ records have been transferred into the PACFA iMIS portal. However, I hope the following information will assist you with some further questions and wonderings. If you have a particular question relating to QCA, please email them to qca@qca.asn.au


All inquiries on renewal and payment have to be directed to registeradmin@pacfa.org.au or contact the PACFA Office (03) 9486 3077

PACFA membership renewals are now open. QCA/PACFA members will need to complete the renewal process online at the new PACFA Portal. Your renewal for the registration period ending 30 June 2020 should be completed no later than 31 July 2020. PACFA will send you further instructions on how to proceed with payment. You can read about the PACFA Renewal Requirements for Provisional and Clinical Members (click)

The iMIS portal may not record your PACFA CPDs automatically (if you have attended an event organized by PACFA). You may have to add the CPD hours manually into your logs. Please check your CPD logs and do not assume that the portal does this automatically for you because you registered for a free or paid event hosted by PACFA.



The PDs from July 2020 onwards are being run by PACFA QLD. If you have an enquiry about your booking or wish to cancel, you have to contact events@pacfa.org.au

All PACFA QLD events have to be registered and paid via the PACFA Portal, we no longer use the TryBooking platform.

If you are not registered with PACFA but would like to attend an event, you can create an account with PACFA (Click here). You have to click on “Create Account” at the top menu bar and register your details.



All questions in relation to the PACFA QLD Leadership Group can be directed to admin@pacfa.org.au





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