Supervision Guidelines

The following is a summary of the QCA supervision guidelines. Please download the Detailed Supervision Guidelines to review the full details on the standards and guidelines for supervision.


  • Counsellors must develop a contract with a Clinical Supervisor, who is either QCA accredited, or who would be eligible to be accredited by QCA.
  • Counsellors should receive a minimum of 10 hours of supervision each year, and more frequenly if required, or if dictated by more frequent sessions. As a guide, supervision should consist of at least 1 hour of supervision to 30 hours of counselling practice or 1 hour of supervision per month. Novice practitioners need a higher ratio of supervision to client hours.  Caseloads of greater than 400 client contact hours p.a. require an extra 5 hours of annual supervision.
  • When upgrading a membership level (eg, Associate to Provisional or Provisional to Clinical) counsellors will require a report from their Supervisor(s) certifying the number of supervision hours and associated client contact hours. If applying for the inclusion of telephone / internet contact hours, a case as outlined above must be made.


  • Because of the nature of supervision, it is imperative that supervisors are competent and knowledgeable about what constitutes legal, ethical and professionally appropriate practice. Supervisors must have had substantial experience of being supervised in their own practice of counselling. They must have supervision for their own supervision work (extra 5 hours p.a. recommended minimum, peer supervision excluded) and have appropriate indemnity insurance.
  • Supervisors, through formal training equivalent to PACFA minimum Supervisor Training Standards (PDF), must have demonstrated commitment to the special area of Clinical Supervision and its methodology. Their training remains current through regular PD focused on supervision, as evidence on their PD log.  It is recommended that at least 5 hours of their annual 15 hours PD requirement should relate to supervision specifically.
  • Supervisors have responsibility towards the clients of the counsellor and, if required, may need to report to others with responsibility for client safety.
  • Supervisors will enter into a Supervision Contract with supervisees, sign the supervisees’ Supervision Log at each supervision session, and complete the Supervision and Client Contact Verification Form (PDF) on an annual basis at renewal time to be kept by the counsellor for audit purposes.  By so doing, the Supervisor is endorsing the accuracy of all the Supervisee’s statements in each of these documents.
  • Supervisors will need to complete a Supervisor Report when their supervisees are upgrading membership levels. This report must testify to the continuity of contact with clients by telephone / internet counselling if required.

QCA members may be supervised by qualified and experienced practitioners who are not listed but meet equivalent standards.
QCA does not accept responsibility for the supervisory work of supervisors who are not QCA members nor those who are not listed as supervisors on this site.  It is the responsibility of supervisees to personally check the qualifications, experience and suitability of their own counselling supervisor and to arrange their own supervision contract.

QCA Accreditation as a Supervisor may be revoked if QCA supervision requirements are not adhered to.