Counsellor’s Life – Neil Wiseman

Neil Wiseman has more than 35 years of counselling experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups at Relationships Australia. Neil is now semi-retired but still works in his private practice to maintain his counselling passion. Neil was involved in facilitating the QCA professional development events for many years and is a Fellow of the QCA.


  1. Favourite Hobby –  Reading
  2. Favourite sport’s player – Jonathan Thurston (Rugby League) & Roger Federer (Tennis)
  3. Guilty Pleasure –  Ice cream topped with Irish Cream Liqueur
  4. I can’t live without –  communication with people
  5. The charity I support –  Harlie Russell Foundation (a 9-year-old family member who lives with Cerebral Palsy)
  6. Next travel destination –  New Zealand – Dunedin
  7. I love the sound of –  rain on my roof whilst going to sleep
  8. I would like to learn –  how to relax in retirement yet still maintain a passion for helping others in various ways
  9. If I could rid the world of one thing it would be – Domestic Violence
  10. I have a fear of –  losing track of information when speaking in public
  11. My hidden talent is – cooking meals
  12. Before I die I must – go back to the Vineyards in King Valley – North Eastern Victoria
  13. My writing inspiration – sitting enjoying a good drop of whisky


  1. My favourite TV shows – Documentaries & English Detective Mysteries
  2. Singers –  Andreas Scholl (Counter Tenor), Cecilia Bartoli (Soprano)
  3. Movies –  Top End Australia, Red Dog, The Mission
  4. My superpower would be –  the ability to recall & retain all my significant lifetime experiences
  5. What makes you laugh –  my daughter’s dogs (my furry grand-children)
  6. People I admire –  those who espouse social justice
  7. What inspires you – People who espouse social justice
  8. The best advice I ever got – follow your heart in relation to life’s decisions
  9. The worst advice I ever got –  only focus on financial success
  10. Ultimate dinner party guests –  my immediate & extended family


  1. Favourite room in my house –  lounge
  2. Most treasured possession –  my falcon ute
  3. My favourite drink –  a nip of Ardbeg Smokey Peaty Scotch Whisky
  4. Midnight snack –  n/a
  5. Favourite Takeaway –  Fish & Chips
  6. Signature Dish to Cook –  Cauliflower Cheese with Bacon & Pasta
  7. Best place ever lived –  Ferny Hills (where I now live)
  8. Best Part of the Day –  The end so I can reflect on the day’s value


  1. Preferred or most liked counselling framework –  A Systems Approach
  2. What are you most proud of in your counselling work – Assisting men to choose non-abusive & non-violent behaviours in order to become respectful in their relationships with others & at peace with themselves.
  3. Favourite counselling book –  Second-Order Change in Psychotherapy (Fraser & Solovey) & Internal Family Systems Theory (Richard Schwartz)
  4. Most expensive counselling workshop you have attended –  Tatra Workshop (Loss & Grief)
  5. What do you take with you in your counselling room –  a positive attitude & a smile
  6. Self-Care Strategy for yourself –  deep breathing exercise before counselling
  7. What did you struggle with when you first started counselling –  belief in myself
  8. Favourite counselling quote –  trust your process
  9. Advice to new counsellors –  believe in yourselves, always ask for help from supervisors & experienced counsellors.  When feeling down don’t give up  –  seek help.
  10. Hopes for the counselling profession  –  that it continues to offer professional development support for all counsellors at all stages of their careers.


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