Counsellor’s Life – Mark Sayer

Mark Sayer has worked as a counsellor with adolescents and families for thirty years, principally in the secondary and tertiary education sectors. Prior to that he has taught in secondary all boys and co-educational schools and has also gained experience in middle and senior management in that sector. Visit Mark’s website:


  1. Your favourite hobby? Woodworking/Gardening
  2. Favourite sports player? At the moment – Ash Barty. How refreshing she is.
  3. Guilty pleasure – A rum & coke on a Friday arvo (unless there’s a QCA PD on!)
  4. I can’t live without – Madeleine and our extended family
  5. The charity I support? St Vincent de Paul; Salvos; Red Cross 
  6. Next travel destination? Italy, mid-year
  7. I love the sound of the frequent laughter of Miller Joy, one of our grand-nieces that we look after every Wednesday.
  8. I would like to learn – I just want to keep learning – whatever emerges as important at any time
  9. My hidden talent is making a pretty good scone  
  10. My writing inspiration is – Silence and the chance to “listen” to gut feelings



  1. Favourite TV shows?
    – Wallabies, Reds, Broncos, Tennis & Aussie Cricket
    – Some lifestyle programs and British crime dramas 
  2. Singers – Broad tastes; many favourites 
  3. My superpower would be – Consistent random acts of kindness hopefully
  4. What makes you laugh – The unbridled joy and peals of laughter that little children often display
  5. People I admire- Many people in different ways, but especially my beloved, Madeleine
  6. What inspires you? People of vision who work for the good of their fellow human beings (and I conversely groan at the lack of genuine leadership on many levels – particularly the political level)
  7. The best advice I ever got? As a little tacker, my father advised, “Marcus Aurelius, don’t pee into the breeze!” (Marcus Aurelius – family nickname)
  8. Worst advice I ever got – I try hard to store bad advice in my forgettery.



  1. Favourite room in my home – Family room and back deck
  2. Most treasured possession – 20 years ago – my squash racquet!
  3. Favourite drink – A nice red wine
  4. Midnight snack – N.A.
  5. Favourite takeaway – N.A.
  6. Signature dish to cook – Scones and shortbread
  7. Best place ever lived – Present home, it’s always good coming home there
  8. The best part of the day – Late afternoon early evening when we have a quiet debrief on the day over a wee drink.



  1. Preferred or most-liked counselling framework
    Solutions-focussed framework flavoured with REBT sand strengths-based approaches.
  2. What are you most proud of with your counselling work?
    Seeing clients embrace positive changes in their lives 
  3. Favourite counselling books
    – Two of Kathryn & David Geldard’s texts: Basic Personal Counselling & Counselling Adolescents
    – Ben Furman & Tapani Ahola: Solution Talk
  4. What do you take with you in your counselling room
    An open mind and a sense of humour hopefully. I have a magic-wand but it doesn’t work.
  5. Self-care strategy for yourself- Regular professional supervision, my exercise regime, healthy eating & good sleep.
  6. What did you struggle with when you first started counselling? Removing my teacher’s hat and donning my counselling hat.
  7. Favourite counselling quotes
    Good outcomes don’t happen by accident.
    Parents of teenagers are people under siege.
  8. Advice to new counsellors – Be prepared to learn and change yourself.
  9. Hopes for the counselling profession
    That it continues to be a vibrant and helpful service for positive change in people’s lives and that it is recognised as such at a national level.
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