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Debbie Wiggins has been in the counselling field for over 20 years now in many varied places – SalvoCareLine, Drug Arm telephone counsellor, hospital chaplain, men’s counsellor and anger group facilitator, family intervention practitioner with St Vinnies, family counsellor with Autism Queensland, parenting orders program with Uniting Care Qld and child safety officer. Debbie held a QCA management committee position previously and used to help out with the PD registrations when the events were held at the College of Natural Medicine, Fortitude Valley.

Debbie has a passion to journey with individuals to help them maximise their own potential for life, helping individuals find the tools to guide them through life’s rollercoaster. She has experience with individual counselling, child counselling, psycho-educational groups, couple therapy and professional supervision, this can be face-to-face or via Zoom for counselling and supervision. Visit Debbie’s website:


My passion has always been to help people to maximise their potential for life as well as making everyone laugh

  1. Your favourite hobby? My favourite hobby is doing 1000 piece jigsaws as well as crosswords
  2. Favourite sports player? At the moment it is Ash Barty because she is very fit, focussed and humble.  Ash gives every match her very best which is wonderful to watch.
  3. Guilty pleasure​ Lindt Salted Caramel balls
  4. I can’t live without My friends and being around other people
  5. The charity I support? The Lung Foundation and Cancer Council
  6. Next travel destination? Hopefully either New York or England, Scotland and Ireland
  7. I love the sound of… Rain falling on the roof especially at night
  8. I would like to learn… AUSLAN
  9. If I could rid the world of one thing it would be… Conflict
  10. I have a fear of… Spiders and snakes
  11. My hidden talent is… So hidden I haven’t found it yet :)
  12. Before I die I must… Practice more Mindfulness
  13. My writing inspiration is…Patricia Ogden – Sensorimotor Psychotherapy



I am inspired by individuals who continue to keep going no matter what obstacle is placed before them or how hard it may be.

  1. Favourite TV shows? 24 Hours in Emergency, One Born Every Minute, NCIS, Law & Order SVU
  2. Singers The Proclaimers (Editor’s comments – They are my favourite band too!)
  3. Movies… cannot think
  4. My superpower would be…I don’t think I would like a superpower because then I would miss the ordinary opportunities that cross my path
  5. What makes you laugh Life often makes me laugh, well it’s healthier to laugh than cry.
  6. People I admire I admire the people I have in my life
  7. What inspires you? The fact that I have woken up in the morning so what will I come across today.
  8. Ultimate dinner party guests? Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, Martin Clunes, Dame Joan Plowright and Dame Maggie Smith


  1. Favourite room in my home? Loungeroom
  2. Most treasured possession I don’t have one
  3. Favourite drink? Gin and tonic
  4. Midnight snack? I don’t have one
  5. Favourite takeaway? I have stopped getting take away
  6. Signature dish to cook? Satay Chicken
  7. Best place ever lived. Where I am living now
  8. The best part of the day. Any part of the day


  1. Preferred or most-liked counselling/psychotherapy framework Bessel Van Der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Mindfulness
  2. What are you most proud of with your counselling work?
    The fact that someone at one of their most vulnerable times can have a professional relationship with me so that they may live a full life
  3. Favourite counselling book ​The Body Keeps Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk
  4. Most expensive counselling workshop that you have attended It is worth every cent that I pay for the privilege of attending workshops
  5. What do you take with you in your counselling room Mindfulness, honesty and myself open to the moment
  6. Self-care strategy for yourself Catching up with colleagues and friends
  7. What did you struggle with when you first started counselling? Trusting myself when I was working with clients
  8. Advice to new counsellors​ Be open to all and any opportunities
  9. Hopes for the counselling profession
    My hope is that PACFA can continue to help the Counselling and Psychological streams can value each other as well as Employers.
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