Counsellor’s Life – Anna-Maree Osborne

Anna Osborne is the CEO of Anewu Counselling Services and a past president of QCA (2017 – 2018). View Anna’s profile here.



  1. Your favourite hobby? Tai Chi
  2. Favourite sports player? Ash Barty (tennis) as she is a humble champion
  3. Guilty pleasure Dark chocolate and lots of it
  4. I can’t live without My man and my dog
  5. The charity I support? Bear House for children in Sydney and Salvation Army
  6. Next travel destination? Sydney in October and after that probably Egypt next year
  7. I love the sound of… Wind in the trees
  8. I would like to learn… Piano
  9. If I could rid the world of one thing it would be…Poverty
  10. I have a fear of… Dentists
  11. My hidden talent is Interior decorating
  12. Before I die I must… Go to Egypt
  13. My writing inspiration is… Anything that captures my imagination



  1. Favourite TV shows? The Crown and Married at First Sight (addictive)
  2. Singers John Denver and Barry Manilow
  3. Movies Green Book (recently) and Forest Gump
  4. My superpower would be… to read minds
  5. What makes you laugh Ace Ventura pet detective (a movie with Jim Carey) and my dog Bella playing with our cat Simba
  6. People I admire Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey
  7. What inspires you? Nature
  8. The best advice I ever got? It will all work out in the end and if it has not worked out it is not the end
  9. The worst advice I ever got. Follow your instincts and you can never go wrong
  10. Ultimate dinner party guests? My husband and friends plus Oprah Winfrey


  1. Favourite room in my home? Bedroom
  2. Most treasured possession Wedding ring I had made in Greece
  3. Favourite drink? Scotch
  4. Midnight snack? Ice-cream
  5. Favourite takeaway? Thai
  6. Signature dish to cook? Veal Parmigiano
  7. Best place ever lived. Sydney near the beautiful harbour
  8. The best part of the day. Morning



  1. Preferred or most-liked counselling framework
    I am very eclectic these days depending on the client and my frame of mind as well. I am very impressed by somatic work results as body work for trauma and anxiety seems to produce noticeable results for clients.
  2. What are you most proud of with your counselling work?
    That sometimes I am fortunate enough to receive feedback such as I changed someone’s life-very motivational for me to keep practising.
  3. Favourite counselling book
    Bessel Van der Kolk The Body Keeps the Score and Peter Levine Waking the Tiger
  4. Most expensive counselling workshop that you have attended
    Bessel Van der Kolk seminar in Brisbane over 2 days
  5. What do you take with you in your counselling room
    Scribble pad to draw while clients talk and green tea
  6. Self-care strategy for yourself’
    Never scheduling appointments every hour, having at least 30 minutes in between clients to refocus and walking my dog in the fresh air. I also attend Tai Chi regularly.
  7. What did you struggle with when you first started counselling?
    How to not feel overwhelmed with clients’ narratives and find clarity in chaotic stories
  8. Favourite counselling quote
    Change your mind and you change your world (Norman Peale)
  9. Advice to new counsellors
    Believe in yourself and you do not need to understand your client’s distress to assist them to feel less distressed. In addition, never let managers dictate your ethical framework.
  10. Hopes for the counselling profession
    I have been heartened by the growth of opportunities for counselling professionals but feel that we still have a way to go to receive the validation of Government and medical professionals. I also sincerely hope that wage rates will increase to other professions levels as I believe Counsellors are hugely underpaid.
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