Counsellor’s Life – Jean Tulloch

Jean Tulloch shares her passion, inspirations, home and counsellor life. Jean is a Fellow member of QCA and her profile is available here.


  1. Your favourite hobby? Bushwalking in National Parks
  2. Favourite sports player? Roger Federer
  3. Guilty pleasure Procrastinating (although I don’t indulge in it often)
  4. I can’t live without Healthy food
  5. The charity I support? Greenpeace, Amnesty International, World Wildlife Fund, RSPCA (took over my mother’s charity when she died as a way of honouring her values)
  6. Next travel destination? South Island New Zealand for a yoga retreat followed by the Kepler Great Walk in Fiordland
  7. I love the sound of… birds going about their lives and wondering what they’re communicating to each other
  8. I would like to learn… how to stay calm and clear in difficult situations
  9. If I could rid the world of one thing it would be… blaming
  10. I have a fear of… slippery cliff edges
  11. My hidden talent is… having a “green thumb”- I enjoy trying to understand the experience and needs of different plants
  12. Before I die I must… keep adapting to life’s ongoing challenges in an accepting and adaptive frame of mind
  13. My writing inspiration is… poetry


  1. Favourite TV shows? War on Waste, Catalyst, Scandinavian noir (but not the gory ones!)
  2. Singers Carol King
  3. Movies Arthouse
  4. What makes you laugh Clever repartee
  5. People I admire Barak and Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela, my mother
  6. What inspires you? Nature, wise and compassionate people
  7. The best advice I ever got? Never stop learning
  8. Worst advice I ever got. It’ll get better
  9. Ultimate dinner party guests? David Attenborough


  1. Favourite room/place in my home? The veggie garden
  2. Most treasured possession Health
  3. Favourite drink? Liquorice tea
  4. Midnight snack? Hot Milo
  5. Favourite takeaway? Thai for the crunchy veggies and the mix of flavours
  6. Signature dish to cook? French style ragout with wine and fresh herbs from the garden
  7. Best place ever lived. Cape Town for the walking and scenery, Noosa for the holistic lifestyle
  8. The best part of the day. Dawn and dusk, especially camping in the bush


  1. Favourite counselling framework Integrative counselling so that I can mix and match between the client’s style, the counselling task/s to be undertaken and my counselling toolbox. And I have a soft spot for experiential modalities.
  2. What are you most proud of with your counselling work? Connecting, working with client goals (although they are not always clear or immediately desirable to the client in the beginning)
  3. Favourite counselling book Irvin Yalom -The Gift of Therapy
  4. Most expensive counselling workshop that you have attended Norman Doige on developments in neuroplasticity– worth every penny!
  5. What do you take with you in your counselling room As little as possible save awareness
  6. Self-care strategy for yourself A brisk walk in the National Park most days, enjoying seasonal changes and noticing how different forms of life in the forest behave
  7. What did you struggle with when you first started counselling? Self-confidence – believing I could really “do it”
  8. Advice to new counsellors Concentrate most on working with the client in front of you (rather than theories in your head)
  9. Hopes for the counselling profession… that the human factors become better understood and valued by society (rather than the current privileging of the medical model)


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