Recognising and acknowledging counsellors

I’d like to share my experience at the QCA’s June PD “Narrative Therapy: A Therapist’s Narrative” presented by Carol du Plessis. You can watch Carol’s presentation here.  Carol shared her own story of working within a narrative therapy framework and the way in which this has shaped her identity as a clinician. In the group activity, Carol asked the participants to share their own stories about their counselling careers and invited everybody to participate in the recognition of their counselling accomplishments in the form of a Certificate of Achievement. In my certificate, I said that the most rewarding part of being a counsellor is that I get to listen to the important stuff. I was able to offer my clients the opportunity to express themselves openly in a safe environment that is free of judgment. We live in a world where we are constantly judged by others, I am privileged to be that someone who is able to listen and understand.

I found this session really inspiring and I would like to invite you to share the most valuable aspects of your counselling role and what do you find rewarding in your counselling job. I am interested in what motivates you to be a counsellor and remain in this counselling field. Your feedback will be published on the QCA blog page in the next Newsfeed. Share now

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