The biggest challenge for me…

A reflection from Florence Ee

The coronavirus has changed the way we live. I rely on Zoom since this pandemic has forced us to do our counselling, meeting, learning and teaching online. To keep supporting our members, QCA has transitioned all of our PDs in a webinar format.

We had our QCA virtual drinks on May 8, we could all see each other on the screen at the same time but the feeling is not the same as seeing each other face to face. I miss seeing everybody at our Friday evening PDs, whether it’s a hug, a smile or a brief catch up after the event, chatting outside Relationships Australia building, at the side of Warren Street, Spring Hill. As QCA is closing on June 30, I think the biggest challenge for me has been realising that I might never meet some of my fellow QCA colleagues again face-to-face and to thank them personally for all the years we have been together, supporting and resourcing ourselves at these PD events.

QCA is in the process of writing the QCA Memoirs and this has been a positive exercise for me and the QCA committee to get the history of the association recorded in a book. This memoir will remind me of the journey of our founding members who worked hard to build the professional status and identity of QCA. As we had to postpone our May 23 QCA Farewell Celebration (new date to be announced), I have created this video to celebrate the memories of us being together at QCA.

Saying all this, I feel optimistic about the future, with the formation of the PACFA QLD. I have volunteered to be on board with the PACFA QLD Leadership Group. This new challenge of running the PACFA QLD is daunting but I hope all of us will be together again advocating and providing quality continuing professional development opportunities for practitioners to help develop their clinical knowledge and skills in Queensland and Australia. It is an emotional and exciting journey for me and  I would love to hear your thoughts, so please share your journey with QCA or your hopes for PACFA QLD – email Florence


Florence Ee
ICT Officer
Queensland Counsellors Association

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