Is Blogging for ME?

Blogging is not all about digital marketing. Blogging can be a useful tool to share counselling resources and insights into a counsellor’s life. For educators, blogging is an ideal way to share counselling information with colleagues and technology-fluent students. When people do research, they search for useful content on the internet. They look for how-to guides, case studies and resources that can help solve their problems.

You might be asking why you want to write a blog for QCA? Well, this is because the blogging platform is available and we need a team of counsellors or counselling students who are keen to blog or learn how to do this. Blogging is one way to create a community of learning – we can support each other with this new platform. Perhaps one day, you will be writing your own blog and this is a wonderful opportunity to start with.

So where do I begin?

The Blog Builders suggest that you will need these four ingredients:

  1. A catchy title
  2. Visual effect
  3. Usefulness
  4. Readability

A Catchy Title

You might like to think of some catchy titles for your blog. The following are a few made up titles for a self-care blog that is descriptive, clear and to-the point.

– The art of self-care for busy counsellors

– 5 ways to incorporate self-care into your busy work schedule

– What most effective counsellors do for self-care

– How to win the war against burnout

Here are some tips for headline formulas that work: Sure-Fire Headlines


Visual Effect

You will also need some good images. There are many websites that share free images. I often download mine from Every Pixel.



Instead of guessing what members want to read. Ask yourself these questions:

– Who is looking at the QCA website?

– What solutions are members searching for on search engines like Google or YouTube?

– What topics do members like to discuss?

– What problems are members trying to solve?

– How can we build useful content on the QCA website?

If you feel that members are struggling with a particular counselling framework or lacking in self-care, you can help them by posting something useful based on their current needs.



Blogging is not like writing an academic paper.  If you are delivering what members would like to read, your writing does not have to be perfect.

You can start looking at other blogs to research what counsellors are looking at. By doing this, you may identify a niche, find something that inspires you and others or see if you like the style of writing blogs.

Friend Not Foe Blogging for Counsellors

Tips on Therapy Blogging

Starting a Blog: A Complete Guide for Serious Beginners

Please drop me an email if you have a question or would like to be part of the QCA blogging community:


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