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Do counsellors become more effective over time?

Does more really equal more?

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The Skilled Doodler - use drawing to reflect your session

Tips from the Skilled Doodler: Try to doodle a page of reflection,…

Research supports the fact that stress can lead to cardio vascular risks such as stroke and heart attacks

It is well known and accepted by the medical profession that smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes are risk factors for cardiovascular disease and this study suggests that now chronic psychosocial stress could also be a risk factor.
Courses and Study

Courses for professionals working with people affected by forced adoption

The APS has been in discussions with the Australian Government Department of Health to expand eligibility for health professionals to be funded to complete online training on past forced adoption policies and practices.

From Conflict to Peace... Part 2

Nathan Beel returns with the second of a two-part series.

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