Membership FAQs

  1. What does person to person psychotherapy and/or counselling training mean?
    It means attending lectures and tutorials focussed on counselling and/or psychotherapy. It is not client contact hours.
  2. What are client contact hours?
    Client contact hours are time spent in face to face consultation with a client.
  3. Can I count telephone or internet counselling hours?
    You can count 25% of counselling hours conducted by telephone or over the internet.
  4. Do I need to submit my logs of client contact and supervision every year?
    No. However you need to keep these logs for a period of 3 years for audit purposes.
  5. Do I need to submit all my logs of client hours and supervision when making my initial application?
    No. Please do not send many pages of logs as these will not be looked at. You should have your client and supervision hours confirmed by a supervisors report. The form is downloadable from the website.
  6. When upgrading my membership do I need to pay the new membership fee straight away?
    No. Please wait until your application is confirmed when you will be requested to pay the fee. You do need to pay the non-refundable application fee applicable to you.
  7. What is the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal?
    The Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal is an initiative of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and its Member Associations.
  8. What does the Portal offer?
    • Online bookings for professional development events such and seminars, workshops, conferences and online courses
    • Online applications for PACFA registration and online PACFA registration renewals for members of all PACFA Member Associations
    • Online applications for membership of PACFA Member Associations – for participating associations only
    • A joint renewal process for association memberships and PACFA registration – for members of participating associations only
    • A therapist profile for all PACFA Registrants and selected members of participating associations
  9. Can I pay my application and renewal fees by credit card?
    Yes, if applying through the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal. However please note that QCA prefers payment by direct deposit to avoid credit card surcharges by PACFA.