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The black wolf and the white wolf

June 23, 2011, By Atalwin Pilon There is a story I like to tell my clients, participants and friends. It’s about a wise, old Cherokee Indian. Because I felt like writing about it I just did some Google research and I realized that I unconsciously changed the story slightly. Which is nice, I guess. It […]

President’s Report

Hello Members, I am pleased to advise that I met with Di Stowe President of PACFA recently and among other things discussed greater recognition of registered Counsellors. Di told me that she has been lobbying Canberra and managed to reach the Minister and key officials which is so wonderful to hear. Di is hopeful that […]

Registrar’s Rundown

ARE YOU ON TRACK FOR RENEWAL? By the time you are reading this, it will be only about three months until your membership renewal is due. Renewals are due each year on 30 June, so now is the time to review your supervision and PD hours to ensure that you will meet your annual requirements. […]