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Save on renewal membership fees

Dear Member, SAVE ON RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP FEES and PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE Your QCA membership renewal for the 2019/20 financial year is coming up quickly.  QCA offers an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if members renew their membership by 31 July 2019. Clinical Early Bird*= $300 (a savings of $54) Provisional Early Bird*= $250 (a savings of $20) Associates Early Bird*= $200 […]

Problem solving in close relationships

By Alicia Falzon A majority of people live in a feeling world in which they cannot distinguish feeling from fact, especially in tense situations. For these people, so much life energy goes into seeking love or approval or in attacking the other for not providing it for them. This means that there is little energy […]

QCA / PACFA “Where from… Where to?”

By Karol Misso (QCA Management Committee and Fellow Member) In 1972 a group of students in counselling units run by Sam Beavers, (first President of QCA) started to discuss a range of issues facing guidance and counselling practitioners in the future. Arising out of these informal discussions, this group took the first faltering steps to […]

Psychotherapist’s Life – Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey has worked in New Zealand, England and Australia as a psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor, group facilitator and educator for almost 40 years. Paul presented at a QCA event “Honing our talent – our need for regular, accurate feedback” in October 2016 and is currently working at the Bardon Counselling Centre. YOUR PASSION Your favourite hobby? […]

QCA Future

Dear Members, I am sending this email to share some insights and observations with you. I believe our role as a committee is to work towards a counselling strength across Australia that is based on approved qualified practitioners, sound research and quality systems, structures and processes whilst maintaining relationships, communication and identity with our membership. […]

A Working Alliance Model for Counselling and Psychotherapy – Video

  Presenter: Dr Matthew Bambling April 5, 2019 Over 50 years of research has demonstrated the importance of the working alliance for client outcomes in counselling and psychotherapy. The working alliance is probably the most validated process construct in counselling and psychotherapy research. A validated model for conceptualising and managing alliance, based on Dr Matthew […]

Emotional Regulation – Video

 Presenter: Jaime Yasky February 1, 2019 Emotional regulation or emotional self-regulation is a widely used concept in mental health practice. Jaime shared an exercise of reflection about emotional regulation from a theoretical, empirical and clinical point of view in order to gain an understanding about the human process it refers to, and thus enhance […]

Using Pets in Therapy – Video

 Presenter: Dr Bronwyn Robson March 1, 2019 Mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression are prevalent and appear to be on the rise. Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) have been demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD (O’Haire, Guerin and Kirkham, 2015) and buffer the impact of stress (Fiocco and […]

The Experiment

“The Experiment”! By David Lawson There are many ways to help a client to review their journey over several sessions (or in the last session after a period of sessions). My question to you is, “How do you use a review of the journey thus far to build on the work the client has done?” […]