President’s Report

Hello Members,

I am pleased to advise that I met with Di Stowe President of PACFA recently and among other things discussed greater recognition of registered Counsellors. Di told me that she has been lobbying Canberra and managed to reach the Minister and key officials which is so wonderful to hear. Di is hopeful that we may in future be provided with Medicare rebate numbers. PACFA has also recruited a new lobbyist to allow greater liaison with Canberra to promote the status of Registered Counsellors.

Recently PACFA has also secured agreement from BUPA together with Medibank Private to recognise PACFA registrants as Providers. However, one key stipulation of both Medibank Private and BUPA is the attainment of a current senior first aid certificate.

I am not sure if QCA members are aware, however, QCA pay to PACFA a substantial fee for all Clinical and Provisional QCA members, whether or not they wish to be a member of PACFA and included on the ARCAP register. I urge all Clinical and Provisional members to consider joining PACFA through QCA at no annual cost to themselves, to share the benefits of registration for Government subsidies and rebates.

Debbie O‘Keefe (Vice-President) and I are attending the PACFA Council meeting in Sydney on the 14th and 15th of April and will inform you of the outcome of Councils deliberations when we return. We currently have the approval to attend PACFA events at member rates as do their direct members have the approval to attend QCA events at member rates.

QCA has appointed a new Digital Officer to assist with online events and maintaining our website presence which is so vital to regional and other members, unable to attend face to face meetings. Our recent PD events have been very well attended and of an excellent standard. However, if you have any recommendations please send them to the QCA email address and we would be most grateful. In addition, if you have written any blogs or papers we could publish in our quarterly Contact magazine or on our website please send them to QCA.

The PD sub-committee would welcome new committee members to arrange PD events and only by the efforts of volunteers can we maintain QCA activities so please assist where possible. QCA’s survival depends on volunteers to continue as a viable organisation.

Anna-Maree Osborne
President QCA


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